‘The Knockout Game’

“Police keep close eye on reports of disturbing ‘knockout’ game” published November 24th on cnn.com, talks about a new disturbing game known as the ‘knock out game’. This game is where teens randomly sucker-punch a stranger with the hopes of knocking them out cold with one hit. The game has had incidents in New York, Illinois, Missouri and Washington, and has even claimed a life of a homeless New Jersey man. All the incidents have been caught on surveillance video and almost all the teens have been convicted but no serious sentences have been given. The New York State Assemblyman is trying to prose a new legislation so that the teens will be charged as adults extending their punishment and making it a more serious sentence.

These random acts of violence are sickening. I believe that the addition of the law where teens are charged as a adults is a great idea to decrease this game and show teens the seriousness of committing violence such as this. The fact that these people are just randomly going up to people with hopes of knocking them out is disturbing since there is no indication to why and to who people are doing this to. Serious action should be taken against them and show them that things like this are not acceptable and teens will have to pay for doing this to people. It is believed that some of the victims are being targeted because of their religious background. With these crimes the attackers are being charged with hate crime. Local Jewish and African-American communities in New York have met to try and figure out a way to smooth the situation over with teens in either group. Police want to warn people to pay attention and try and stay off phones and listening to music. These crimes need to stop because this is not a game, this is dangerous and cause serious harm to people!


Syrian Civil War Kills More Than 11,000 Children

“More than 11,000 Syrian children killed in civil war, report says”, published on November 24th on cnn.com talks about the immense amounts of kids that have died in the three-year long civil war in Syria.  According to the Oxford Research Group out of London 11,420 children have died in the civil war, most by explosions but other children were shot to death and even tortured before hand. Most of these killings were of teenage boys but due to bombings girls are also being killed. It is believed that the killings are getting worse. Both the rebel army and the Syria troops have been thought to targeting civilians but have been asked to not use explosives in places were it is known for children to play and live. There is no thought that this will help the situation but it is hoped to.

This Syria civil war just keeps getting worse and worse the more that is published about it. Not only are these armies killing children which should be hard enough, they are torturing them and inflicting serious pain on even babies before shooting them from point blank range. In June there was 6,500 children killed and now five months later there is over 11,000. That is sick! Both of the armies are to blame it is not like one is doing it while the other isn’t, they both are. The total death toll has topped 100,000, just proving how much killing is really occurring. This war has gone on for three years and appears to have no end in sight, I wish that I knew in what way the US could help without getting into yet another war but I don’t think there is any other way to help this situation. The level of violence in a country with only 22.5 million residence is astonishing, and at this point it is our job to help this problem and save the residence that aren’t dead yet.

Student Violence Leads to Teachers Death

“Massachusetts teen accused of killing teacher indicted on murder and other charges” published on November 21st on cnn.com considers a 14 year old named Philip Chism responsible for killing a teacher at his high school. The teacher, Colleen Ritzer was algebra teacher at Danvers High School in Massachusetts. The teacher was killed in the bathroom at the school by Chism that brought a box cutter to school from his house. It is believed that Chism raped Ritzer with an object and stole her credit cards.  Chism has already been indicted for on aggravated rape and armed robbery as a youthful offender but the prosecutors are trying to join those indictments with the murder case where he will be tried as an adult. Ritzer was known as a very sweet person and a great teacher, the motive for why Chism did this is still unknown.

This story is very sad to me. Seeing a great teacher getting murdered in school by a student is just sick. There is no need for that kind of violence to be occurring especially in a school. It also shows that is someone really wants to hurt someone else they will find a way to do so. I wish there is something that schools can do to decrease violence but I don’t thinking making students feel as though they are in jail and having security guards/police at every school is a logical option. There needs to be serious legal actions on this guy because he clearly knew what he was doing at caused serious pain not only for this family but for the whole school in general.



Albuquerque Chooses Not to Change Abortion Laws

“Albuquerque voter reject proposed ban on late-term abortion” published on November 20th 2013 on cnn.com discusses the elections that took place in Albuquerque New Mexico Tuesday night. According to the article the town decided to reject the ban of late-term abortions. The vote was close being 45 for the new law and 55 against it. This law would have banned almost all abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy.

The ever present issue of abortion comes into play once again. Like many other issues I have a hard time picking a side on this issue. One thing I can make a decision on is the idea of getting an abortion after a certain point of pregnancy, and in my eyes 20 weeks is more than enough time. I do not believe that abortion should be a form of contraception but I do see how females that are raped would see how that could help them. Abortion, especially at 20 weeks, 5 months, is more than enough time to make that decision and at this point the baby is devolving gender, brain function and even kicking. So in my opinion I would have enjoyed this ban being passed and it would have been beneficial.

Serial Killer Set to Die

“Serial killer Joseph Paul Franklin prepares to die” published November 18th 2013 on cnn.com talks about the final days of the serial killers life. Franklin was a white supremacist who was responsible for several bank robberies and murders from the year of 1977 to 1980. He is currently serving multiple life sentences, in Missouri, for his murders, including a 13 and a 14 year old.  He is scheduled to die via lethal injection on Wednesday. According to Franklin he has learned for him 30 years in prison and no longer associates with the supremacy group. He blames his crimes on his home life when he was younger. He tells the interviewer that his mother was never around when he was younger and he never truly felt like he belonged until he joined the white supremacy group.

Franklin and people like him confuse me. Being that I do enjoy science I see how his home life in his early years could have shaped him to be the way that he is, but at the same time he stalked the people he killed and shot them at point blank range. He knew what he was doing, and consciously took 12 peoples lives. So even though I get some people can change but killing someone that way is in someone and sadly I believe that he does deserve to die via lethal injection. There is no question that he killed these people, he admitted to it. So it is not like the wrong person is being killed like it can happen in other murder cases. While I do not believe that every murder cause should end in the death penalty in this case I do believe it should.  

New Allegations in Armstrong’s Doping Scandal

“Lance Armstrong Makes a Shocking New Claim About Cycling Drug Scandal” published on November 18th on bleacher report discusses how Armstrong is blaming the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) for his positive drug tests. According to Armstrong the president of the UCI Hein Verbruggen knew that he had a positive drug test but instead of disciplining him he instead decided to cover up the test and let Armstrong continue to race.  The infamous drug scandal of Armstrong came a year after the Festina Affair and the sport was at an all time low in popularity. While Verbruggen has not responded to the allegations Armstrong says he will not be backing down on this fight and he doesn’t want the UCI to ruin any other athletes lives.

The problem with Armstrong is that he has covered up his doping problem one to many times. If it was the case that the UCI was responsible for covering up a test that would cause some serious implications for people but how many times has Armstrong lied to people and why should we think that this is any different? The doping problem is sports is a very important one, especially with the age of professional athletes is getting lower and lower. With the ages getting lower the more the doping will cause to peoples brains. If this information from Armstrong is true this would be a huge development for the doping problem in sports in general.

Plane Crash Claims 50

“Tatarstan declares day of mourning after Russian jetliner crash kills 50” published on November 18th on cnn.com explains a tragic plane crash that claimed 50 Russians lives. According to the local media the pilot tried to land two times unsuccessfully before the plane nose dived killing all 44 passengers and all 6 crew members. According to Deputy of Emergency Situation Situations not all the body’s have been located but ensures people that they will find the rest today. This crash comes after many problems with Russian airliners and the lack of safety.

This exact plane had a problem with losing cabin pressure in 2012 and had to have an emergency landing situation, that is the biggest problem with me. This plane has had problems and instead of getting rid of a plane that can cause a lot of deaths people fix what they think is the problem and hope that it works. If Russia is so worried about their aircraft safety and want their people to use their airliners they need to check and recheck their planes to ensure the safety of their citizens. If I was Russian I would not only not fly but I would cause a big scene over their lack of safety and the amount of lives that plane crashes have taken.