Student Violence Leads to Teachers Death

“Massachusetts teen accused of killing teacher indicted on murder and other charges” published on November 21st on considers a 14 year old named Philip Chism responsible for killing a teacher at his high school. The teacher, Colleen Ritzer was algebra teacher at Danvers High School in Massachusetts. The teacher was killed in the bathroom at the school by Chism that brought a box cutter to school from his house. It is believed that Chism raped Ritzer with an object and stole her credit cards.  Chism has already been indicted for on aggravated rape and armed robbery as a youthful offender but the prosecutors are trying to join those indictments with the murder case where he will be tried as an adult. Ritzer was known as a very sweet person and a great teacher, the motive for why Chism did this is still unknown.

This story is very sad to me. Seeing a great teacher getting murdered in school by a student is just sick. There is no need for that kind of violence to be occurring especially in a school. It also shows that is someone really wants to hurt someone else they will find a way to do so. I wish there is something that schools can do to decrease violence but I don’t thinking making students feel as though they are in jail and having security guards/police at every school is a logical option. There needs to be serious legal actions on this guy because he clearly knew what he was doing at caused serious pain not only for this family but for the whole school in general.



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